Sound Proof Doors

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As per our internal test report we have successful achieved an sound rating of 41 to 59db available STC-54 FLUSH Communicating doors, Two STC-40 Doors Installed back-to-back in common frame.
Double 300 series bottom seal & top seal for each door.
(1220 x 3050 mm), wood or high pressure decorative laminate faced.

100% Noise Reduction ?
While Soundproof Windows/door cannot eliminate 100% of the noise, it will be reduced very significantly. Less noise will be coming through the Soundproof Windows/door than the walls in many cases. Most walls are an STC 42-43: Soundproof Windows usually have an STC rating of 45-54. Several things can be done to increase the STC rating even more.

All Kiran Slido Craft Acoustical Doors are (54 mm) thick and may be used with normal hardware. STC-28 doors weigh the same as most regular solid core doors while the STC-39 through STC-45 doors are slightly heavier. Door weight and usage should be considered when selecting frames and hardware. Full mortise hinges and either cylindrical or mortise type locks may be used. The maximum Benefit of acoustical doors is provided from openings with uniform door/frame edge clearance, correct positioning of gasket, and proper adjustment of the automatic bottom seal.

Widely Used In Places Like

 » Conference Rooms  » Theaters
 » Ball Rooms  » Clubs
 » Board Rooms  » Theaters  » Presentation Centers